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NOTE: Homework #7 includes punctuation. Please study the sections on punctuation before completing this homework assignment.

Homework #7

Instructions: Select the incorrectly punctuated sentence from each group of choices. If all are correct, select d) all are correct.

1) a) The recently appointed delegate announced an extensive series of changes that angered the coalition.
b) The dentist explained, "Someone must take care of this child's teeth".
c) The dinner took 10 hours to cook, but the guests ate it in 20 minutes.
d) all are correct

2) a) His 80-year-old grandmother visited this summer.
b) Dorothy dreads her best friends disappointment.
c) Sliding down the hillside, the hiker hurt his knee.
d) all are correct

3) a) The boy whispered to his brother, "If I were you, I'd run for the hills."
b) She is one of those problem employees who arrive to work late every day.
c) The dog delivered the newspaper, he slobbered on the sports page.
d) all are correct

4) a) Time and money are commodities, that we could all use more of.
b) The frightened store clerk told witnesses, "The thief robbed me and jumped into a car that was waiting."
c) If you want to win a gold medal, you must train many long years.
d) all are correct

5) a) "Those shirts aren't for sale," she said apologetically. "Please return them to the display."
b) The coach encouraged the team with the idea that the other team "couldn't beat anyone."
c) Based on an ancient Celtic symbol; the circular tattoo has no beginning and no end.
d) all are correct

6) a) The executives chose Olympic track star, Maurice Greene, as the company's spokesman.
b) When the boss yelled, Meredith said: "We should get back to work. He is looking for someone to fire."
c) While Gerald started putting away the leftover food, Jody gathered the dishes left on the table.
d) all are correct

7) a) Ethan's article ran in The Oregonian last Sunday.
b) Otis whispered, "You go to toward the left of the cave. I see light in that direction."
c) We will support the initiative because it may help maintain the parks.
d) all are correct

8) a) With such a well educated staff, this company has the tools to succeed.
b) The veterinarian pulled a 20-foot piece of fishing line from the seal's stomach.
c) His smart-mouthed answers always get him in trouble.
d) all are correct

9) a) She offered her final clue: "Go back to your roots. Dig deep in your past."
b) Her mother had always encouraged her to avoid, "the wrong element."
c) His favorite movie is "From Here to Eternity"; it's a classic.
d) all are correct

10) a) The train was moving at 80 mph.
b) The geologist told the visitors, "We call those formations 'stalagmites.' "
c) The senator herself will attend the opening.
d) all are correct

11) a) Has Eldon ever read To Kill a Mockingbird?
b) The analyst predicted a wild, unruly stock market this year.
c) She wants to go to Greece; however, she hates to fly.
d) all are correct

12) a) While on the boat trip, they saw an eagle; a whale; and several glaciers.
b) The team captain hollered, "Run, Derik!"
c) Energized by the hike through the canyon, the group jumped, danced and sang around the campfire.
d) all are correct

13) a) The plumber is frustrated because he cannot determine the nature of the plugged drain.
b) Will he go see "Mission to Mars"?
c) She wondered, "Who made the salad?"
d) all are correct

14) a) They planned to visit Italy, and see the art.
b) The web designer included a reply-requested section on the order form.
c) Has Jane ever read "Frankenstein"?
d) all are correct

15) a) Tom's house, which he inherited from his parents, is near the river.
b) Giddy with excitement the young actress said the award was "the biggest accomplishment" of her career.
c) After he left his place in line, the tickets went on sale.
d) all are correct

16) a) Phil visited his mother, he saw his sister, too.
b) Peter Jennings is a widely traveled journalist.
c) June left her cat—how she loved that cat—to her favorite niece.
d) all are correct

17) a) She doesn't watch television; its too violent for her tastes.
b) Charles is well-versed in the habits of curly haired retrievers.
c) Will you be taking that job at the Washington Post?
d) all are correct

18) a) Katrina adores her only son George.
b) The Ducks' Rose Bowl appearance was a widely anticipated moment.
c) Remember this one thing: Quitters never win, and winners never quit.
d) all are correct

19) a) After you have finished complaining, read the book.
b) He walked across the valley, and up the mountain.
c) The lineup included: Nanci Griffith, a folk singer; Aretha Franklin, the queen of soul; and Wynona Judd, a country superstar.
d) all are correct

20) a) They sold six cars; the one that we bought runs well.
b) Tom's car, which runs poorly, is in the shop.
c) Does your mother know how to spell "irritated"?
d) all are correct