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NOTE: Homework #6 includes case. Please study the sections on case before completing this homework assignment.

Homework #6

1. Some believe there is no wiser rabbi than a) he b) him.

2. Deliver these tickets to a) whomever b) whoever wants them.

3. a) We b) Us workers deserve a vote in the union.

4. The reward is a) ours b) our's to spend.

5. Josh is more talented than a) I b) me.

6. Steve thinks it is a) him b) he who will win the match.

7. a) Who b) Whom will the officer arrest for the theft?

8. Joseph plays his guitar for a) whomever b) whoever will listen to his song.

9. The truck changed a) its b) it's direction to avoid the collision.

10. Here's something different: a) It's b) Its too hot to eat ice cream.

11. The audience rose to a) its b) their feet and cheered the singer.

12. Each member of the team is invited, including Todd and a) I b) me.

13. The lost wallet was his, not a) hers b) her's.

14. There are extra cookies for a) whoever b) whomever wants them.

15. She said Bruce would take us and a) whoever b) whomever else we choose.

16. When the decision is left to you and a) I b) me, we freak out.

17. Do you know a) whose b) who's in charge here?

18. The president said a) theirs b) their's was the best plan.

19. If you were a) I b) me, what would you do?

20. Would you present this certificate to a) whoever b) whomever finishes first?