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NOTE: Homework #5 includes subject verb agreement. Please study the sections on agreement before completing this homework assignment.

Homework #5

1. Activists are worried that a number of protesters a) has b) have been arrested.

2. Neither the cowboy nor the six guards a) think b) thinks the gold is safe.

3. The group of hikers a) plans b) plan to reach the summit by nightfall.

4. Sam is the only one of those teachers a) who b) that teaches the basics of sentence structure.

5. None of the parade organizers a) seems b) seem to have a plan.

6. The number of incidents of road rage a) is b) are frightening.

7. Some people think the media a) act b) acts as a tool of mutinational corporations.

8. Roberta is one of those puppeteers who a) lives b) live through her puppets.

9. Many UO alumni a) give b) gives generously to the Capital Campaign.

10. Creating new ideas for scripts a) proves b) prove challenging when you have to do it every day.

11. Neither of her parents a) plan b) plans to giver her a car for her birthday.

12. None of us a) wants b) want to go to the lecture.

13. You'll see that there a) has b) have been too many people walking on the new grass.

14. Her uncle was angry to discover that more than $5,000 a) has b) have been stolen.

15. Anyone who attends the lecture a) is b) are sure to be impressed with his theories.

16. Does someone have a) his b) her c) his or her d) their book?

17. Thomas is one of those skaters who a) has b) have a lot to prove.

18. One-half of the soldiers a) receives b) receive support from the captain.

19. A group of the bikers a) give b) gives money to charity every year.

20. Neither the three girls nor Ted a) plan b) plans to go to class today.