Interactive Case Quiz #1

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Identify the correct verb choice (singular or plural) in each question. After identifying the correct form of the verb, click on the to see whether your answer is correct.

1.  William does not believe that there is anyone smarter than   a) him   b) he.

2. The store will offer a discount to  a) whomever   b) whoever  solves the puzzle.

3.  a) We   b) Us  optimists are sure that everything will work out for the best.

4. You may not have your water bottle, but does Sara have    a) hers   b) her's?

5. No one is surprised that George is a better liar than   a) he   b) him.

6. The managers announced that it was   a) they   b) them   who planned the successful program.  

7.  a) Who   b) Whom   did the teacher choose to be the class president?  

8. Sam supports  a) whoever   b) whomever  his father likes.

9. The timber industry contends that  a) it's   b) its  good for the forest to cut trees. 

10. Will they approve the contract   a) we   b) us  workers proposed?

11. The puppy in that car is the one   a) that   b) who  dug the holes in my flower bed.

12. Is it possible that there is anyone less qualified than a) he   b) him   to run this company?

13. Compared with Tom and  a) me   b) I, Mark looks like a raving liberal.

14. The chance to rule the world is within the grasp of   a) whoever   b) whomever    has the money.

15. The administration developed the new job for  a) whoever   b) whomever    wanted to lobby the legislature.

16. If Bill asked Ted and   a) me   b) I,  we would help him move this weekend.

17. Do you know  a) who's   b) whose   going to be speaking at the meeting?

18.  a) Theirs   b) Their's  is the best proposal we have seen.

19. It was    a) he   b) him whom the panel chose.

20. Please deliver the bribe to   a) whoever   b) whomever  Tom indicates.