Punctuation Practice Exercise Answers

1) a) Her quickly amassed fortune includes a dramatic collection of paintings that are stored in the basement.
b) Herb’s sister yelled, “Does anyone have a telephone”?
c) Christina missed her graduation from high school, yet her parents didn’t seem to care.
d) all are correct2) a) The three-week-old injury does not appear to be healing.
b) Most of the Duck fans were optimistic about the teams chances of winning the championship.
c) Hoping to reach the summit by midnight, the expedition team pushed forward at a grueling pace.
d) all are correct3) a) The manager told his sales team, “If you want to win the award, you will need to double your sales.”
b) Jack Kennedy, who was assassinated by Lee Harvey Oswald, was a popular president.
c) The local newscaster enjoyed being famous, she was often asked for her autograph.
d) all are correct

4) a) Pudding and custard are Ted’s two favorite desserts which Kate cannot understand at all.
b) Her inexperienced assistant told the visitor, “My boss didn’t feel like working and went golfing instead.”
c) To reach the peak of success in business, most people devote very concentrated time to their professions.
d) all are correct

5) a) “These dogs are from championship bloodlines,” the breeder explained confidently. “You should buy one.”
b) Matt told the princess that he had “always longed to be a servant.”
c) Surrounded by old friends and family; the couple said their vows.
d) all are correct

6) a) Martina asked Chicago Bulls star Michael Jordan to act as the head of the company.
b) After the game ended, the coach complained: “We didn’t block. We didn’t tackle. We didn’t win.”
c) As Carter worked to secure the sail, Seamus went below to get their raincoats.
d) all are correct

7) a) Did you read Susan Orlean’s article in The New York Times Magazine?
b) Their sister said, “I want to go to the game. I’m sure it will be good. We need to be on time.”
c) The attorney filed the brief because her client opposed the developer’s plan.
d) all are correct

8) a) After such a long-winded introduction, the speech itself will certainly be terrible.
b) The balloon’s pilot climbed a 60 foot cable to repair the leak.
c) She has a deep-seated fear of speaking in front of a judge.
d) all are correct

9) a) The announcer repeated the same thing: “The white zone is for loading and unloading only.”
b) The manicurist thanked the salesman for showing her “the light.”
c) Last year Greg read “Gone with the Wind;” his sister recommended it.
d) all are correct

10) a) The carpenter liked using medieval technology (e.g. a hand-turned lathe).
b) The gangsters told the shopkeeper, “If you are not careful you’ll be ‘fish food.’”
c) Britt Hume himself will lead the news team to Somalia.
d) all are correct

11) a) Every day, Stephen reads The New York Times to his reporting class.
b) Shirley did not expect her trip to Greece to be such an exhilarating, whirlwind adventure.
c) Sarah is intrigued that her Uncle Cliff was a pilot in the war; nonetheless, he rarely discusses it.
d) all are correct

12) a) After she poured the brass, Alice took off her gloves; filled the tub with water; and submerged the sculpture.
b) When Daniel got too close to the edge of the cliff his father yelled, “Get back here, Daniel!”
c) Driven by the need to prove his tormentors wrong, Karl worked hard every day to improve his backhand.
d) all are correct

13) a) The doctor is popular among his patients although he does not spend much time with them.
b) Have you seen the new show “The West Wing”?
c) Grant asked the teacher, “When will the test results be posted?”
d) all are correct

14) a) His mother and father chose to stay home and work in the yard.
b) Nerdly is one of the most aptly-named children Monique has ever met.
c) Are you going to see “What Lies Beneath”?
d) all are correct

15) a) Meryl Streep, who has won several acting awards, seems to be just a regular person.
b) Trying desperately not to cry the young child explained that the “booger monster” had taken his spinach.
c) Before we start this exercise, let’s do a few stretches.
d) all are correct

16) a) The class visited the museum, they went to a baseball game, too.
b) Maria Shriver is a talented journalist and a completely devoted mother.
c) When they leave for the concert—she thinks it will be near noon—they’ll call you.
d) all are correct

17) a) Nancy prefers gold to silver; she thinks its more elegant.
b) For such a quick-witted employee, she has been rather confused by this easily operated machine.
c) Has Michael enjoyed his internship at The Register Guard?
d) all are correct

18) a) Kimberly is flying to Mexico to meet her husband Jack for a vacation.
b) The race between the two sprinters was widely hyped and completely disappointing.
c) The speaker asked every audience the same thing: “Do you want to be right, or do you want it to work?”
d) all are correct

19) a) Before you decide that you hate this strawberry pie, take a bite.
b) The moose made its way across the meadow, and into the forest.
c) The picnic basket contains the following: potato salad, Grandma’s recipe; Jello, Aunt Judy’s recipe; and fried chicken, the Colonel’s recipe.
d) all are correct

20) a) Grace is going to the movies without him, Bryce has already seen it.
b) Cole’s scooter, which he got for his eighth birthday, is totally cool.
c) Have you ever tried to pronounce “ameliorate”?
d) all are correct

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