Interactive Clause Quiz #1

Choose the correct answer for each question.

1. Andy, who always admired John Lennon, was very sad to hear he was killed.


2. The young lion attacked the tourist when she came too near.


3. Roger Clemens, a pitcher for the New York Yankees, threw a broken bat at a batter.


4. Griffin will take a nap if you keep your voices down.


5. The elephant that trampled the village was drunk on fermented fruit.


6. Chicago, which is home to two major league baseball teams, rarely gets to see its teams in the playoffs.


7. The person who best answers the following question will go on to the next round.


8. Maybe he should take something for sea sickness before he gets on the ship.


9. He goes to the library everyday, yet he does not like to read.


10. Umberto, who saw it with his own eyes, refused to believe that Hulk Hogan was in a movie.


1. The woman leading the discussion is as confused as the rest of us.


12. She will undoubtedly win although she doesn’t deserve to.


13. While visiting the Smithsonian, which is in Washington D.C., Cecil walked to the Lincoln Memorial.


14. While defending the hill, the platoon lost several hundred soldiers.


15. Tamara’s sister Clarice wants to star in a movie with Kevin Spacey.


16. The police officer who gave her the ticket was polite.


7. Before missing the meeting, he should call the director.


18. She may be talented enough to win the contest, but will the judges choose someone from out of state?


19. The hungry boy whispered to his sister because his throat hurt.


20. Her friend who arrived last night is from Las Vegas.


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