Interactive Verb Quiz #2

Choose the correct answer for each question.

1. The student became frustrated when she was not allowed to take chemistry.


2. The school’s football coach will give a speech at the banquet.


3. The wizard tapped his wand and disappeared.


4. The fishing has improved on this lake since they outlawed speedboats.


5. The writer gestured to the crowd with his pen.


6. Smoking is a ridiculous habit.


7. The curry dish tasted spicier than he thought it would.


8. The police yelled, “Drop your weapon to the ground!”


9. The burglar escaped the police with all of the money.


10. The driver stopped quickly when she saw the accident ahead.


11. The director thinks the studio could make millions on this film.


12. The critics should consider how difficult it is to write a novel.


13. The boxer appeared confused after the blow to his jaw.


14. Some people work simply to buy more things.


15. The man standing on the corner looks suspicious.


16. The warning labels on the package make little difference in sales.


17. Did Eric decide what schools to visit this spring?


18. Philip resented giving his room to his brother.


19. Holly danced wildly across the lawn.


20. His broken watch is always his excuse for being late.


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