Interactive Noun Quiz #2

Identify the correct choice in each question.

1. Will you deliver the flowers to the address on the card?


2. Susie will be going home after the test.


3. In the past, children have enjoyed reading stories about magical creatures.


4. The woman on the corner is a firefighter from Texas.


5. Neil gave his sister a book about growing orchids.


6. Will the mechanic be finished with the car before your vacation?


7. Peter did not share his homework answers with his classmates.


8. The oranges are on the counter in the basket.


9. The man featured on the show was a doctor before he quit to paint.


10. Jay sent his colleagues a note about why he quit his job.


11. He prepared the students for the possibility of a pop quiz.


12. Phil planned a party for his grandmother.


13. The reporter revealed that the firm’s money had been sunk into junk bonds.


14. Giving a bonus to employees may improve their performance on the job.


15. The nine-year-old boy was an unlikely hero.


16. James disappeared from the campground without a trace.


17. The dogs hiding under her porch are shepherds.


18. Alexi poured the water over his sister’s head.


19. The shirt Lois gave Ted for his birthday is on the dresser.


20. The sales agent presented the client’s bid for the property.



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