Interactive Case Quiz #2

Identify the correct choice in each question.

1.  Do you know any more patient parent than   a) he   b) him.


2. Next week the Web site will announce  a) who   b) whom  it selected to run the new project.


3. It seems as if    a) We   b) Us  journalists have made significant errors in this election.


4.  a) Hers   b) Her’s   is the best pie in the contest.


5. Studies indicate that he is a more popular leader than  a) he   b) him.


6. Did you know that it was a) me   b) I  who created this recipe?


7.  a) Who   b) Whom  did the teacher choose to be the class president?


8. Let’s face it, he will choose a) whoever   b) whomever  he wants.


9. The company is promoting   a) it’s   b) its  new Internet business.


10. The latest innovations offer  a) we   b) us  patients the chance at a longer life.


11. The lead detective is the one   a) that   b) who  made the incorrect arrest.


12. Thea enjoys playing tennis more than  a) he   b) him.


13. Kevin went with Alex and  a) me   b) I to the beach party.


14. Please present this check to  a) whoever   b) whomever  has the correct answer to the question.


15. Did they make the resources available to  a) whoever   b) whomever  wanted them?


16. My father drove Sally and a) me   b) I to the game.


17. The citizens can’t help but wonder  a) who’s  b) whose   responsible for the poor news coverage.


18. We brought our books but did the other students bring a) theirs b) their’s?


19. Did we find out if it was  a) they  b) them whom the police arrested?


20. Keith will give the tickets to  a) whoever  b) whomever  he decides needs them.


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