Interactive Agreement Quiz #1

Identify the correct verb choice (singular or plural) in each question.

Identify the correct verb choice (singular or plural) in each question.

A number  of  contestants  a) plans   b) plan  to attend the  post-competition celebration.


Neither the president nor his advisers  a) cares   b) care  who runs the meeting with the senator.


A small group of dogs a) runs   b) run  wild through this neighborhood every night.


Susan Smith is the only one of the participants  a) who   b) that  kept the audience’s attention.


None of the stolen pencils  a) was   b) were  returned to the city.


If Jan  a) was   b) were  president, she would outlaw hand guns.


Ned is one of those dynamic speakers who  a) motivates   b) motivate everyone.


The alumni  a) gives   b) give  significant donations to the university every year.


The number of ideas offered by the voters  a) surprises   b) surprise  the politicians.


Many people argue that the media  a) alters   b) alter  the outcome of elections.


The puppy in that car is the one   a) that   b) who  dug the holes in my flower bed.


None of the NFL quarterbacks a) likes   b) like  to face Warren Sapp.


The doctor said that this medical phenomenon  a) defies   b) defy  explanation.


Everyone in the surrounding communities  a) hopes   b) hope  that she will win a gold medal.


More than 300 pounds of turkey  a) was   b) were  delivered to the mission.


Providing better answers to the nation’s problems  a) seems   b) seem  to be what the people want from their elected representatives.


Before the number of complaints  a) increases   b) increase , we should make some changes.


The group of screaming demonstrators  a) is   b) are  blocking the intersection.


As far as he is concerned, neither of the movies   a) is   b) are worth watching.


When will they listen to us workers who   a) has   b) have  worked in the factory?


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  1. Tony B says

    “The doctor said that this medical phenomenon a) defies b) defy explanation.”

    The computer says that b is the correct answer. Why?

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