Agreement Practice Exercise

Choose an answer for each question. After completing the entire exercise, click on the “Are You Prepared?” button at the bottom of this page to see the answers.

1. Scientists are concerned that a number of species of frogs a) seems b) seem to be mutating.

2. Neither the offensive linemen nor the quarterback a) want b) wants to run the drill again.

3. Will they announce whether that group of students a) boards b) board the plane ahead of everyone.

4. Kimberly is the only one of those executives a) who b) that believes her product will sell this year.

5. None of the animals in the shelter a) belong b) belongs to someone.

6. The number of mutated frogs a) is b) are increasing every year.

7. Curtis is sure that the news media a) is b) are not helping the situation.

8. Jennifer is one of those actresses who a) audition b) auditions for every role she can.

9. The school’s alumni a) hope b) hopes to raise enough money to complete the new wing.

10. Finding other contestants a) has b) have been the responsibility of the show’s producers.

11. Neither of the executives a) want b) wants to tell the boss that profits are down.

12. None of them a) knows b) know who has the map.

13. There a) has b) have been so many doctors in to see him, that we don’t know who’s in charge.

14. The governor is proud to announce that more than 2,000 pounds of cheese a) has b) have been collected.

15. Everyone at the park a) is b) are going to the concert, including you and me.

16. Does anyone have a) his b) her c) his or her d) their map of the city?

17. He is the only one of the senators who a) has b) have agreed to testify.

18. One-third of the village a) receives b) receive water from the river just north of here.

19. A group of the city’s voters a) choose b) chooses to send in mail-in ballots rather than go to the polls.

20. Neither his sister nor her friend Sarah a) think b) thinks Benjamin should go to Milan this summer.



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  1. Warren Jones says

    I like the idea of the test, but I have to protest the way it was done. It should have been constructed so that the test-taker could click on his chosen answer and receive a grade. I started the test, but I finally stopped because of this serious defect. Try again. It’s a great idea, but you don’t have it right yet.

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