Interactive Adjectives Quiz #1

Identify the adjectives in each sentence as well as the nouns they modify. Are they simple adjectives, predicate adjectives or participles? There may be more than one right answer.

1. Sally grew frustrated while she waited for the ridiculous discussion to end.


2. Oregon’s conservative play calling continues to perplex its fans.


3. After a delicious meal, an expert will offer rafting advice.


4. The boys’ mother delivered his lunch to the school cafeteria.


5. My favorite book is not available at the local bookstore.


6. The completed report, which became controversial, has several errors.


7. An anteater seemed totally engrossed with his potential quarry.


8. Our cat left a disquieting gift for us: A dead snake on the front porch.


9. Some hid their unwanted vegetables and ate extra dessert.


10. Benjamin’s favorite shoes proved useful during his summer vacation.


11. Whipped back and forth by the rain, the tiny ship appeared helpless.


12. Most inventions are interesting; Some become lucrative products.


13. A clumsy clerk dropped his steaming coffee and fell on the floor.


14. “That dog does not belong here,” the irritated librarian snapped.


15. Will he offer Juliette a reasonable price for those antique toys?


16. The orange that fell from the tree was rotten.


17. Before dinner, Alec called Bentley.


18. Nike will offer Tanja a decent salary based on her extensive experience in sports marketing.


19. The classical pianist performed unknown works of published composers.


20. Winning the gold medal was her proudest moment.


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