Interactive Verb Quiz #1

Identify the underlined verb.

Roads were a slushy mess on Monday along parts of the East Coast.


Thousands of families and businesses had no electricity following a deadly snow and ice storm.


In Virginia, about 126,000 electricity customers are living without power.


Even without the computer trouble, rain would have kept the space shuttle from launching.


At his sentencing, West neither apologized nor attributed his behavior to his drinking problem.


It seemed difficult for police to find the man suspected in a cafe robbery.


Officials blamed the storm for at least 17 deaths along its path across the southern Plains.


Dozens of lawsuits, billions of dollars and an incalculable public outcry can make a difference.


Philip Morris continues its court fight to prevent the federal government from regulating tobacco.


Elian Gonzalez’s grandmothers arrived in Cuba without the child they had hoped to bring home.


Before he could finish the project, Bill had to contact an expert in pesticide-use management.


Holding his nose to block out the smell, Evan made his way through the butcher’s work area.


The book that Tim sent to his brother has been under his desk for six months.


After a slow start, the team finished with its best record ever.


The class’s ideas sounded much more sophisticated than the substitute teacher expected.


The man grew tired of the constant questions from reporters.


Do you know whom to contact in case of an emergency?


The golfer listed in the paper as the leader decided to drop out of the tournament.


It was those two boys who pulled the fire alarm.


She wanted to speak with whoever was responsible for her poodle’s awful haircut.


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  1. Michelle Guzman says

    In the third question the answer is auxiliary or intransitive? The reason why I am asking is because “auxiliary” appears twice in the answer portion. I think the answer, however, is auxiliary.

    Also, in the following question:
    The golfer listed in the paper as the leader decided to drop out of the tournament.

    The verb “decided” isn’t helping “drop out,” hence making it auxiliary instead of transitive?

  2. says

    Thanks for talking the time to let us know about the error. It is fixed now.
    As for the “golfer” sentence, “to drop out” is not a verb. It is an infinitive. You can read more about them HERE.

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