Adjective Practice Exercise

Identify the adjectives in each sentence as well as the nouns they modify. Are they simple adjectives, predicate adjectives or participles? After identifying the adjectives in the entire exercise, click on the “Are You Prepared?” button at the bottom of this page to see the answers.

1. Stephen seemed angry after he finished the new book.

2. Martin’s diligent studying has made the difference in his grade.

3. Before the next meeting, the president will meet with the marketing staff.

4. Alabama’s governor replied quickly to the blunt question.

5. Their old dog has stopped retrieving the daily newspaper.

6. The painted dresser, which looked blue last evening, has green highlights.

7. The conductor was completely delighted with our strong performance.

8. Professor Dumbledore made a surprise announcement: Harry would compete in the upcoming tournament.

9. They answered the challenging questions but missed the easy ones.

10. Ted’s father provided him a weekly allowance.

11. Running for the downtown bus, Erica felt ill.

12. Either book that you choose is fine; She likes most anything.

13. The weary traveler tipped his battered hat and lowered his head.

14. “Those shoes are mine,” the cranky child told the babysitter.

15. Would you mind saving Lucy a small serving of that chocolate cake?

16. The man who returned the money refused a reward.

17. Hank waved enthusiastically at Steve.

18. William will mail you a long letter describing his many adventures this summer.

19. The civil engineer studied stream movements for supporting evidence that the salmon were thriving.

20. Giving money to charity is his greatest joy.

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