March 2, 2015

Conjunctions: The basics


Most simply, conjunctions connect things. They allow us to make longer more complex sentences. There are four types of conjunctions: A coordinating conjunction connects a word, a phrase or a clause of equal weight. (For, And, Nor, But, Or, … [Read more...]

Prepositions vs. Conjunctions

Words that are sometimes conjunctions can act as prepositions. The subordinating conjunctions BEFORE, AFTER and UNTIL can act as prepositions when they are followed by objects rather than dependent clauses. Remember that a clause has a subject … [Read more...]

Interactive Conjunctions and Prepositions Quiz #1


Identify the underlined part of speech. … [Read more...]

Interactive Conjuctions and Prepositions Quiz #2

Identify the underlined part of speech. ************* Help Keep The Tongue Untied Free Get the entire Tongue Untied 10-week curriculum in an easy-to-read PDF (complete with explanations and examples) for only $15 ************* … [Read more...]

Conjunction Practice Exercise

Choose an answer for each question. After completing the entire exercise, click on the "Are You Prepared?" button at the bottom of this page to see the answers. Identify the underlined part of speech 1. The drivers left the deserted station and … [Read more...]

Conjunction Practice Answers


1. The drivers left the deserted station and headed for the next stop.a. coordinating conjunction      b. subordinating conjunction      c. correlative conjunction     d. conjunctive adverb     e. preposition 2. Without a map to guide her, Susan … [Read more...]

Clauses: Dependent

The dependent clause includes a subject and a verb. The dependent clause is the subordinate idea of the sentence. It is dependent on another clause for meaning and context. Many dependent clauses, when removed from the context of the sentence, … [Read more...]

Conjunctive Adverbs


Conjunctive adverbs are not true conjunctions, but these adverbs often function as conjunctions in joining two independent clauses. They serve as transitional devices between one main thought and another. Common Conjunctive … [Read more...]

Conjunctions: Correlative

Correlative conjunctions work only in pairs: either/or Either go to bed early this evening or stop complaining about being tired in class. Both words make up the correlative conjunction. Alone EITHER is an indefinite pronoun and OR is a … [Read more...]

Conjunctions: Subordinating


Subordinating conjunctions introduce dependent (subordinate) clauses and join the dependent clause to the independent or main clause in a sentence. (A dependent clause has a subject and verb, but it depends on the independent clause for context and … [Read more...]