April 1, 2015

Agreement: The basics


Subject verb agreement can be one of the more challenging aspects of writing. While short clauses provide for an easily identifiable subject, longer clauses with extensive phrases can make proper subject verb agreement more of a challenge. The … [Read more...]

Once is more than enough


Almost no one eats the same for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Most of us pick up the remote when we realize we have already seen the episode on the screen. And we can probably all agree that if the local department store only carried socks, we would … [Read more...]

Untangling “which” and “that”


One of the things I learned in my 10 years of teaching grammar to undergraduates is that "it" is torture. For anyone paying attention that "it" is a lovely little nightmare known as an unclear pronoun reference. Am I saying that teaching grammar … [Read more...]

Small Things that Matter #4: Hyphen Hassles


Perhaps no piece of punctuation gives us more trouble than the hyphen, in particular when we are trying to decide whether to hyphenate a compound modifier. In that realm, the average writer is as consistent as the stock market these days. So, … [Read more...]