March 30, 2015

Adjectives: How Do We Use Thee?


Ah, the adjective. The exquisite, illustrative, compelling adjective. How Do We Use Thee? How do we use thee? Let us count the ways We use thee to the interesting, fun, cool heights our purple prose can reach, when pushing past the limits of … [Read more...]

The Grammar War Address


[In honor of President Lincoln's birthday and teachers everywhere] Last week and every other week your students brought forth on their assignments, a new grammar, conceived in Laziness, and dedicated to the pure delusion that all words are created … [Read more...]

Tangled Up in Rules

[Sincere apologies to Bob Dylan. This is surely an example of dragging genius into the depths] Tangled Up In Rules Late one mornin’ the clock was tickin’, I was pushin' the edge Wond’rin’ if commas worked at all Was a period right … [Read more...]

Oh, Adverb


**** If you are looking for the 10 most commonly confused words go here [Sung to the tune of Barry Manilow's "Mandy] I remember all my life hearing how words modify An adverb tells us “how” The “why” to a question Telling us degree The … [Read more...]

Do not go punctuating on a lark

[With apologies to Dylan Thomas, though I could argue that this is all about not going gentle into that goodnight] Do not go punctuating on a lark, Apostrophes don’t work just any way; Rage, rage against abusing of the mark. Though writers in … [Read more...]

The Word Not Chosen

[With apologies to Robert Frost, a true master of the correct word chosen] Two words to choose from in a muddled brain, And sorry you did not know the difference So without a clue, carelessly you wrote And filled the space as quickly as you … [Read more...]