April 20, 2014

Interactive Agreement Quiz #2

Identify the correct verb choice (singular or plural) in each question. ************* Help Keep The Tongue Untied Free Get the entire Tongue Untied 10-week curriculum in an easy-to-read PDF (complete with explanations and examples) for … [Read more...]

Agreement: The basics


Subject verb agreement can be one of the more challenging aspects of writing. While short clauses provide for an easily identifiable subject, longer clauses with extensive phrases can make proper subject verb agreement more of a challenge. The … [Read more...]

Agreement: Pronouns that ALWAYS Take a Singular Verb

First it might be helpful to remember that the singular form of all verbs — except "to be" and "to have" — is formed by adding "s" or "es." For example: dives, runs, answers, crashes, presses and tosses. When used as a subject or adjective these … [Read more...]

Agreement: Pronouns that ALWAYS Take a Plural Verb

Always Plural Subjects When a compound subject is joined by a coordinating conjunction (and), it takes a plural verb IF the subjects refer to different people or things and if the subject cannot be considered a unit. Your investments and … [Read more...]

Agreement: Singular or Plural Subject? It Depends

When the parts of a compound subject are joined by or, but, either ... or, neither ... nor, not only ... but also the verb must agree with the subject nearest to the verb. Neither the Oregon players nor the coach was overconfident. "Coach" is … [Read more...]

Agreement: Antecedents


ANTECEDENT = a noun to which a pronoun refers The car that I want is on sale. (car = antecedent    that = relative pronoun) The man on the boat thinks he is safe without a life jacket. (man = antecedent    he= personal pronoun) Does … [Read more...]

Agreement Practice Exercise Answers

1. Scientists are concerned that a number of species of frogs a) seems b) seem to be mutating. 2. Neither the offensive linemen nor the quarterback a) want b) wants to run the drill again. 3. Will they announce whether that group of students a) … [Read more...]

Agreement Practice Exercise

Choose an answer for each question. After completing the entire exercise, click on the "Are You Prepared?" button at the bottom of this page to see the answers. 1. Scientists are concerned that a number of species of frogs a) seems b) seem to be … [Read more...]