March 28, 2015

Pronoun Practice Exercise Answers

1. Those are Tom's. a. personal pronoun      b. relative pronoun      c. indefinite pronoun     d. interrogative pronoun     e. reflexive pronoun    f. demonstrative pronoun 2. They didn't give themselves a chance to think before beginning the … [Read more...]

Interactive Noun Quiz #1

Identify the correct choice in each question. … [Read more...]

Adjectives: How Do We Use Thee?


Ah, the adjective. The exquisite, illustrative, compelling adjective. How Do We Use Thee? How do we use thee? Let us count the ways We use thee to the interesting, fun, cool heights our purple prose can reach, when pushing past the limits of … [Read more...]

Phrases: Prepositional

The prepositional phrase includes the preposition and the object of the preposition as well as any modifiers related to either. A list of common prepositions: above across after* against among around at according … [Read more...]

Adjectives: The basics


Adjectives are one of the eight parts of speech. Just as a reminder, the others are the verb, the noun, the pronoun, the adverb, the preposition, the conjunction, and the interjection. The primary purpose of an adjective is to modify a noun. They … [Read more...]

Phrases: Participial

The participial phrase includes the participle and the object of the participle or any words modified by or related to the participle. [In the following examples, the participle is bold and the participial phrase is underlined.] The car … [Read more...]

Adjectives: Limiting


These types of adjectives specify or limit the noun. An adjective that limits a noun; they include definite articles, indefinite articles, possessive adjectives, demonstrative adjectives, indefinite adjectives, interrogative adjectives, cardinal … [Read more...]

Adjectives: Limiting (more detail)


A limiting adjective, rather than describing a noun, defines it. To put it more simply, limiting adjectives either point out or set a numerical limit to the noun. These limiting adjectives are grouped into three classes of limiting adjectives: 1) … [Read more...]

Adjectives: Descriptive


Help keep The Tongue Untied free, and we’ll send you an easy-to-read PDF of the entire 10-week curriculum, including extensive topic explanations and usage examples. Perfect for learning AND teaching!. $15.00  These types of adjectives add detail … [Read more...]

Adjectives: Predicate Adjective


This is a special type of adjective that follows a linking verb and modifies (directly refers to) the subject of the sentence. [In the following examples, the predicate adjective is bold and the subject/noun is underlined.] People are interested … [Read more...]