March 31, 2015

The Word Not Chosen

[With apologies to Robert Frost, a true master of the correct word chosen] Two words to choose from in a muddled brain, And sorry you did not know the difference So without a clue, carelessly you wrote And filled the space as quickly as you … [Read more...]

Small Things that Matter #3: Infinitives

Most of us who learned grammar in the old days — in other words in the days when public schools actually taught grammar — were regularly treated to admonitions NOT to split infinitives. But that was long ago, and let’s be honest, these days, only … [Read more...]

Small Things That Matter #1: “If” vs. “Whether”

I have decided to begin a new series of posts entirely dedicated to the little BUT IMPORTANT elements of English writing that seemed to have disappeared from the K-12 system I am starting with “if” and “whether” not because I think it is the most … [Read more...]