Interactive Phrase Quiz #2

Identify the correct choice in each question

1. Samuel hid her present behind the dresser.


2. The sun rising gloriously in the sky inspired the visitors to the ancient temple.


3. The Rock, Nick’s favorite wrestler, will certainly win tonight’s match.


4. Clyde plans to meet his family on the other side of the mall.


5. Does Rick plan on attending every game that the Ducks play next year?


6. Did Bill go to the meeting without his briefcase.


7. Before reaching the summit, the climbers quit.


8. Driven by her need to be perfect, Gertrude always did well in her classes.


9. David decided to close the back door before a raccoon sneaked in.


10. The team hopes that practicing a new offense this week will improve its chances of winning.


11. The bull that charged the car has hurt people before.


12. The student, bored by the lecture, drew pictures in her notebook.


13. Before the race, the sprinter put a lucky penny in his sock.


14. After we do these chores, maybe we should go to a movie.


15. His dog, a miniature schnauzer, chases away any birds or squirrels that come into the yard.


6. After making a hole in one, Ed decided he should quit golfing.


17. Marvin’s friend who drove him to the party left without him.


18. Will has not wanted to play his saxophone since the last recital.


19. The coffee tasted like mud mixed with motor oil.


20. They want to try jumping from an airplane without a parachute.


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  1. Maddie says

    This is a good quiz… except I still don’t understand any of the things. Y U DO THIS TO ME, BRAIN??

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