Interactive Clause Quiz #2

Choose the correct answer for each question.

1. Living in Los Angeles, which always seems to be smoggy, is many people’s dream.


2. The guide decided to go home because the rain started to fall.


3. Tony’s father, a surgeon at the local hospital, donated his time to the homeless shelter.


4. I will go to the play, but you will need to go to the football game with me.


5. The actor who played Tommy on “Eight is Enough” hosted the new talk show.


6. Billy Ray Cyrus, who only had one hit song, thinks he is Elvis.


7. The idea that most captured the writer’s imagination ended up in her latest book.


8. If they plan to sleep here tonight, they will need to sleep on the floor.


The team with the most points wins.


10. The Empire State Building, which is just too darn high, seems to disappear into the night.


11. Defending that person’s behavior makes you look just as ridiculous.


12. When the doorbell rings, the dog goes nuts.


13. When Sonia met Marion Jones, who is her hero, she just stared and sputtered.


14. After losing our luggage, we went to the store and bought new clothes.


15. His best friend, Henry, plans on attending Harvard.


16. The couch that arrived today matches the carpet in the living room.


17. Maybe we should go to the store before spending all of the grocery money.


18. You can learn from television, but it can also rot your brain.


19. After we visit the zoo, we will have lunch.


20. The bee that bit him was a yellow jacket.


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