Interactive Phrase Quiz #1

Identify the correct choice for each question.

1. Marta fell over the cat.


2. Pretending to be asleep, the hiker escaped the bear.


3. Susan Sarandon, a famous actress, has been very supportive of the striking workers.


4. To finish the marathon in less than five hours is Tom’s goal.


5. She preferred eating at the local deli for lunch.


6. He should discover a gift certificate for dinner at Cafe Sofia under his seat at the table.


7. After learning the parts of speech, the class began studying punctuation.


8. The candidate elected by the voters promised to put “a chicken in every pot.”


9. Will someone be here soon to open the door?


10. Delivering the pizza on time became his single mission.


The woman who led the workshop used to be a math teacher.


12. Frustrated with the delays, Erin tried to break her dog out of quarantine.


13. Tom visited India while studying the history of Indian art.


14. While she looked around the house, the rest of us searched the local parks for the puppy.


15. Tom Hanks, star of “Philadelphia, will be appearing in a new film this holiday season.


16. Before putting too much effort into the project, maybe you should get some guidance from your boss.


17. The car that Devon sold to the dealership has been wrecked twice.


18. Does the captain want us to lower the sails before we enter the harbor?


She liked the shirt given to her by her grandmother.


20. Did you really think that robbing a bank would solve your problems?


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  1. Nurudeen Akanji says

    I got this, because there is not much explanation and there is no rule that guided it. There should be guides, and show me how to identify these phrases since you are teaching me. if you want me to pass this exam, you should have teaching the rules and how to identify them please.

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