Preposition Practice Exercise

Identify the prepositions in each sentence as well as their objects. After completing the entire exercise, click on the “Are You Prepared?” button at the bottom of this page to see the answers.

1. The puppies wandered around the fenced yard until their owner arrived.

2. Without a care in the world, Alex is relaxing, waiting for the game to begin.

3. Dean thinks that he is smarter than everyone in the class.

4. Will you put these cookies on the tray?

5. His doctor read through his chart and looked down his throat.

6. His idea will not work after sunrise.

7. She peered slowly around the doorway before crossing the threshold.

8. The champion will compete against other dogs from the club.

9. The increase in thefts this year should concern each of us.

10. At a minimum, you will spend three hours on each assignment.

11. During the debates, Alfred was feeding his turtle in the yard.

12. Many cannot decide whom to support for president.

13. Wesley hopes to be named one of the best skaters on the tour.

14. Because of the decision presented by the jury, we will all be going to jail.

15. Put the dog inside the house and let’s leave.

16. Before the concert, Reggie will be drinking coffee at the cafe.

17. If we go below the house and hide behind the furnace, maybe we will be unharmed.

18. Last week, Leslie climbed into a volcano; this week she is sleeping inside a cave.

19. Since Tuesday, New Yorkers have been cheering for their teams to win.

20. Harold rested upon the mountain top and considered a life without hassles.


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