Adjectives: How Do We Use Thee?

Ah, the adjective. The exquisite, illustrative, compelling adjective.

How Do We Use Thee?

How do we use thee? Let us count the ways
We use thee to the interesting, fun, cool heights
our purple prose can reach, when pushing past the limits
of tolerable modification and description.
We use thee to the end of every reader’s
Most enduring patience, for cliche and puffery.
We use thee excessively, as gentle, warm, soft rain showers down;
We use thee intensely, as we spice our spicy curry.
We use thee with an adoration put to use
In our sweet, cloying sentences and heavy, lumbering prose.
We use thee with a use we will defend
Through every edit, we use thee for the nice,
beautiful, happy nouns of our hearts! and, if we have our say,
We shall but use thee more in the next draft.


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  1. Diane says

    I hear people say: “He is thee one for you” or “This is thee restaurant, you have to go. You will love it.” Hasn’t “thee” changed to mean the best or the only one to consider? Isn’t this ok to use in this sense?

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