Interactive Noun Quiz #1

Identify the correct choice in each question.

1. Please give me that book.


2. He put the books on the desk.


3. The conference participants studied the teachings of Ghandi.


4. The last contestant was a visitor from Germany.


5. The captain provided his officers a plan of attack.


6. Did Joseph give the students the directions for their assignment?


7. Susan did not offer her candy to any of the other kids.


8. They are hiding in the closet.


9. The woman who won the award is Tom’s neighbor.


10. Wayne will send you a postcard from Italy.


11. She waved to the child standing on the platform.


12. She reminded the audience of Grace Kelly.


13. Some would argue that the presidency has been made into a joke.


14. Their understanding of the situation has helped the athlete’s chances of winning the competition.


15. Sharon thinks Tom is the best person for the job.


16. She boarded the plane with a dog hidden in her purse.


17. The car that has been on the corner all week is a Pinto.


18. Robert saved a cookie for his daughter.


19. The Hope Diamond, which is truly remarkable, is rarely worn in public.


20. Many of the writers submitted work that was too terrible to publish.


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  1. says

    Because the verb “is” is a linking verb, the noun (person) that links to the subject (Tom)is a predicate nominative. You are correct that “Sharon” is a subject but for a different verb (thinks).

  2. PIZZAro says

    HI. i got a 17/20. How exactly do you find out the direct object, Predicate nomitive and indirect object?

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