Case Practice Exercise Answers

1. Martin and Thomas realized that Alabama’s hurdlers were faster than a) they b) them.

2. The teacher will reward a) whomever b) whoever he thinks will do the best job.

3. Candace announced, “Things would go better if you would provide a) we b) us detectives with an alibi.”

4. The choice to attend the wedding was a) theirs b) their’s to make.

5. Scott decided that Michelle was more a responsible person than a) him b) he.

6. David announced that it was a) him b) he whom the committee had nominated.

7. a) Who b) Whom does the staff think will be made manager?

8. Duane is appreciative of a) whomever b) whoever takes the time to work with him on the project.

9. Many citizens believe that a) its b) it’s their responsibility to vote.

10. How will the law affect a) we b) us citizens who are from another country?

11. Oscar thinks you are less qualified to write the story than a) he b) him.

12. Finding a solution to the problem is the goal of this a) group’s b) groups meeting.

13. Between you and a) I b) me, both of the candidates are boring.

14. Several choices are available for a) whoever b) whomever they elect.

15. The journalist will interview her and a) whoever b) whomever else seems interesting.

16. If it were up to a) I b) me, we would be watching the new Brad Pitt movie.

17. They can’t decide a) whose b) who’s instructions to follow.

18. Caroline believes a) hers b) her’s is a winning recipe.

19. Aldus announced, “If I were a) he b) him, I’d pick Lady Gaga as my vice president.

20. Will you ask Amy to give this letter to a) whoever b) whomever will be seeing Rhonda next?

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