Interactive Agreement Quiz #2

Identify the correct verb choice (singular or plural) in each question.

She said that a number  of  votes   a) is   b) are  left to be counted.


Either the coaches or the team  a) has   b) have  the key to success.


Our group of representatives a) plans   b) plan  to introduce a new bill to protect the environment.


Her cat is the only one of the champions    a) who   b) that  has competed in Europe.


None of the forests in Arizona   a) was   b) were   destroyed this summer.


If the king   a) was   b) were here, he would free the prisoners.


Fluffy is one of those dogs that   a) adores   b) adore chasing a tennis ball.


The Oregon Alumni Association  a) contacts   b) contact  thousands of alumni every year.


We are encouraged that the number of violent crimes  a) decreases   b) decrease  every year.


Some believe the news media  a) has   b) have  a significant effect on children’s fear levels.


The women  a) that   b) who  attend the conference are some of the most successful in the industry.


None of his children  a) wants   b) want  to attend college.


The phenomenon you witnessed   a) occurs   b) occur  once in a lifetime.


Someone from the schools  a) meets   b) meet  with the parents every year.


Nearly three tons of rice  a) remains   b) remain  stuck at the border.


Delivering the votes   a) is   b) are  the parties’ responsibility.


If the number of participants  a) shrinks   b) shrink , the conference will be less interesting.


A group of excited children  a) is   b) are  cheering for the runner.


She said either of the books    a) has   b) have a chance of being chosen for the National Book Award.


Will they ask to meet with doctors who   a) has   b) have  access to flu vaccines?



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  1. Daniel says

    If the king a) was b) were here, he would free the prisoners.

    Isn’t this subjunctive, and therefore b) were?

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