Interactive Conjuctions and Prepositions Quiz #2

Identify the underlined part of speech.

For use with the Ten Week Curriculum

They ran from the woods when they heard something crashing toward them.


Heloise spread the manure inside the raised flower beds.


Either the red shoes or the orange socks have to go.


When the speaker finishes, please go to the stage and make your presentation.


She seems to be interested in the discussion, yet she rarely says anything.


Before the concert begins, maybe you should buy a CD.


Garbage damages the environment; therefore, it has negative consequences on other people’s lives.


The real test of the party’s commitment to democracy is likely to come next year when Angola is expected to elect a president.


Though he has won the reluctant support of the Bush administration, he will assume the presidency with what many consider untested governing skills.


With the economy booming, its leadership’s desire for greater international legitimacy probably influenced the decision.


Putsata does not smoke cigarettes, nor does she drink.


Did they choose the orange carpet or the striped throw rugs.


Your friend Dave, the flying instructor, said he is happiest in the air.


After Bernardo finishes that painting, he will begin your portrait.


We are all going to the movie after dinner.


The city started to get moving again as evacuees continued to stream home after a hurricane left it with serious damage


We are not going to the game tonight; however, we will be there Saturday.


Tess thinks she is getting away with something but her father knows exactly what’s going on.


Sara always insist on straggling behind everyone else.


Go outside and play!



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