Adverb Practice Exercise

Identify the adverbs in each sentence as well as the words they modify. After indentifying the adverbs in the entire exercise, click on the “Are You Prepared?” button at the bottom of this page to see the answers.

1. Marcella, deposit the money safely in the most powerful vault.

2. The recently found journal said Wallace was so lost that he just wandered aimlessly in circles.

3. Running quickly for the endzone, the widely recruited fullback tripped.

4. Lynne pushed the most talented students so they would finish the assignment quickly.

5. The author was quite annoyed when she determined that the publisher was very dishonest.

6. Wendy threw the garbage out, but the flies would not leave.

7. After she looked carefully in both directions, Amitabha sprinted across.

8. Now that Royce has arrived safely, the group can settle down.

9. Their most talented competitor still will not defeat our top contender.

10. Always think positively when you are presented an opportunity to succeed.

11. The CEO feels unusually tense today.

12. Ginger spoke glowingly of Kyoko’s extraordinary acting skills.

13. The children’s teacher announced that their class was the most highly rated in the district.

14. Greg’s mule accepted every task willingly.

15. You should put that hibiscus inside.

16. In the winter, New York is much colder than Florida.

17. Hank waved enthusiastically at Steve.

18. Speak softly into the microphone or we will suffer greatly.

19. When Thomas pounded firmly on the door, he woke the sleeping baby.

20. “Grammar is so difficult and quite boring,” the overworked student complained bitterly.


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