Types of Adjectives


These types of adjectives add detail or description to the noun.

For examples and explanations, read about them here: Descriptive Adjectives


These types of adjectives specify or limit the noun.

For examples and explanations, read about them here: Limiting Adjectives or here: Limiting Adjectives (more detail)


This is a special type of adjective that follows a linking verb and modifies (directly refers to) the subject of the sentence.

For examples and explanations, read about them here: Predicate Adjectives


Two types of verbals can acts as adjectives. Participles are always adjectives and may end in EN, ED or ING. Infinitives (TO+VERB) may act as adjectives, adverbs or nouns.

For examples and explanations, read about them here: Participles and Infinitives.

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  1. says

    March 11, 2012

    Dear Director,

    The reason why I am wtiting to you is that I have encountered certain difficulties after studying your explanations on adjectives. In fact, I haven’t been able to form a good logic or criteria in classifying nouns in connection with adjectives.

    I have asked questions regarding the following sentences so as to classify the nouns that appear just after the adjectives. I’ll appriciate If you help me, by correcting my questions given under each statement.

    Best regards,
    Hasan İzzet

    1. Ann married a rich businessman.

    What businessman did she marry?

    2. The old lady was talking in a quiet voice.

    Which lady was talking in a quiet voice? ( Old )

    What kind of voice was she talking?

    3. We need a clean copy of the document.

    What kind of copy of the documunt do we need?

    4. They are reading a history book?

    What book are they reading?

    What kind of book are they reading?

    5. Every artist is sensitive.

    Which artist is sensitive?

    6. Mary is short.

    What is she like?

    7. The car is new..

    What is it like?

    What sort of car is it?

    8. I was getting hungry.

    How was I getting?

  2. Mateusz Skutnik says

    Hasan, Adjectives generally come before a noun.

    RICH buisnessman
    QUIET lady
    NAÏVE guy

    Also, adverbs can modify adjectives:

    VERY rich buisnessman
    EXTREMELY quiet lady
    SLIGHTLY naïve guy

  3. Chaz says


    Adjectives used with an indefinite article (a, an) are restrictive.

    eg. “Ann married a rich businessman.”

    Adjectives that act as a complement in a sentence are Predicative Adjectives.

    eg. “The car is new.”

  4. shina says

    would you please tell me what is this adjectives name?
    the man came back from the tired road
    what kind of adjective tired is
    please respond it in this page

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