Interactive Conjunctions and Prepositions Quiz #1

Identify the underlined part of speech.

Multiple Choice Quiz for use with 10 Week Curriculum

She said that she saw the man who had been hiding from police.


Henry called to the person selling pretzels with mustard.


Neither Frederick nor his brother has ever been to the town where their father grew up.


The frightened kitten crouched under the table and cried.


I know you like your ice cream, but please try mine and tell me what you think.


When the soldiers finished their mission, they set up camp and rested.


The lenders were selling the home loans as soon as they were made; therefore, they had less reason to care whether the loans were repaid.


It was during the long housing boom that the seeds of destruction were sowed for Fannie and Freddie.


Their investors became concerned after the company’s quarterly reports were filed.


His instructor quickly collapsed to the floor and dissolved into convulsive laughter.


Putsata does not smoke cigarettes, nor does she drink.


Billy Bob Thornton, an eccentric actor, is afraid of antiques.


The Giants’ only off-season controversy was settled a little more than three hours before kickoff.


Her friend who lives above our garage is afraid of spiders.


Dick found your coat, and he put it in the lost and found.


Before the guerillas surrender to the army, they took a vote.


If you find a fence somewhere on your hike will you simply climb over it?


Would Bob like Sally to come to the presentation or is he more comfortable going alone?


None of the items looks good to her; however, she is not really hungry.


That’s not so bad when you consider 60 percent of people in other Middle Eastern countries think we’re Satan.


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