March 26, 2015

Interactive Pronoun Quiz #2

Identify the correct choice in each question … [Read more...]

Interactive Pronoun Quiz #1

Identify the correct choice in each question. … [Read more...]

Pronouns: The basics

Pronouns stand in for nouns. They allow us to eliminate the repetition and awkwardness that would come with having to use nouns repeatedly. For example, consider the following sentences written with pronouns and nouns and then with nouns … [Read more...]

Pronouns: Personal


Personal pronouns stand in for people, places, things and ideas. (1st person) I, Me, My, Mine,We, Us, Our, Ours (2nd Person) You, Your, Yours (3rd Person) He, Him, His, She, Her, Hers, They, Them, Their, Theirs, It, Its, Who, … [Read more...]

Pronouns: Relative

A relative pronoun relates to another noun preceding it in the sentence. In doing so, it connects a dependent clause to an antecedent (i.e., a noun that precedes the pronoun.) Therefore, a relative pronoun acts as the subject or object of the … [Read more...]

Pronouns: Indefinite

Indefinite pronouns refer to an unknown or undetermined person, place or thing. Care must be taken to identify whether the pronoun is singular or plural to ensure the proper conjugation of the verb. Indefinite pronouns that are always … [Read more...]

Pronouns: Demonstrative

Demonstrative pronouns stand in for a person, place or thing that must be pointed to. They may function as subjects, objects or objects of the preposition When referring to a singular place, thing or idea use these demonstrative … [Read more...]

Pronouns: Reflexive

Reflexive pronouns "reflect" the person to whom the pronoun refers. They are the "self"ish pronouns. With that said, it is easiest to identify them by remembering that they are the pronouns that end with "self" or "selves." Reflexive pronouns … [Read more...]

Pronouns: Interrogative

Interrogative pronouns are aptly named. They basically stand in for the answer to the question being asked. When they are not acting as interrogative pronouns, some may act as relative pronouns. Once again, it depends on their function in the … [Read more...]

Pronoun Practice Exercise

Choose an answer for each question. After completing the entire exercise, click on the "Are You Prepared?" button at the bottom of this page, to see the answers. Identify the underlined part of speech 1. Those are Tom's. a.┬ápersonal pronoun … [Read more...]