March 30, 2015

Case: Objective


Using the objective case indicates that the pronoun is acting as an object. Objective Pronouns Singular me, her, him, it Plural us, them Singular and Plural you. whom A pronoun as a direct object My dog likes … [Read more...]

Case: Determining Case in a Comparison


We know that a pronoun is a word that takes the place of a noun. We also know that unlike nouns, pronouns change case depending on what part they are playing in the sentence. Just a reminder: Pronouns are either … [Read more...]

Nouns: Object of the Preposition

Prepositions are small words that create a relationship between other words in a sentence by linking phrases to the rest of the sentence. The nouns that follow them are objects of the preposition. [In the following examples, the preposition is … [Read more...]